Corporate Massage

Healing with Energy offers on-site corporate massage either desk roaming through your office or specialised seated massages ranging from a quick 3 minute neck and shoulder massage to a 30 minute tailored seated massage.

Company Benefits of In-house Corporate Massage

  • Corporate massage delivers Staff being happier with their employer remaining loyal, stay longer, perform better, and are more efficient and productive
  • Rise in productivity with more dynamic, motivated and focused Staff
  • Workplace dynamics and office morale improves
  • Sick days and Work Safe claims reduce
  • On site appointments save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on travelling for health care and Staff taking time off
  • Calm and well-being surrounds the office environment
  • More positive attitudes and less stressed Staff
  • Rewards your staff for their efforts
  • Rejuvenates, relaxes and revives your Staff
  • Increased enthusiasm and energy
  • Reduces stress levels and anxiety improving time management
  • Oil-free so no mess or inconvenience in the office environment

Staff Benefits of In-house Corporate Massage

  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Improves energy and relaxed alertness
  • Reduces tension headaches
  • Enhances the ability to focus and concentrate
  • Relieves sore muscles, joints, neck and shoulder pain and discomfort
  • Increases positivity and good vibes
  • Rejuvenates, refreshes and revives
  • Increases range of motion in muscles/joints
  • Reduces the risk of sprain and strain injuries
  • Decreases blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Strengthens the immune system and stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Increases circulation, oxygen and nutrition to cells, which in turn improves circulation to the brain
  • Improves health and wellness
  • Improves sleep quality

Massage Options

Roaming Desk Massage

The roaming desk corporate massage involves having a short massage, normally between 3 and 10 minutes, at the staff members own workstation sitting in their regular office chair.  Brett will roam through the office massaging your staff members’ neck and shoulders.

It is a very cost effective way to provide an element of surprise or reward for your staff.  As well as providing a sense of relief from muscular aches and pains or workplace stress, this service can also be used to address some occupational health issues that may have arisen as a result of poor ergonomics or being unaware of correct ergonomic set up.

Brett can provide ergonomic advice as part of the service, which takes around 2 minutes per workstation for standard advice.  As the client you decide the length of time you would like to offer your staff for their massage, we can offer as a little as 3 minutes, up to 10 minutes with the roaming service.

Seated Massage

The seated corporate massage involves having your staff sit in our very own specialised massage chair which is designed for staff to sit forward onto so that their bodies are fully supported throughout the massage.  The chair allows us to easily access the muscles of the back, neck, shoulders, head, arms and hands.  It also means staff can return to work without feeling light-headed as they have not been lying down on a massage table.

Ideally the chair would be setup in a separate room, such as an allocated meeting room, where relaxing music can be played.  However an open area is also fine, depending on your needs. Staff remain fully clothed for the duration of the massage.

We will focus on a comprehensive therapeutic back, neck, shoulder, head, arm and hand massage treatment can be provided to relaxing music.  You can decide on the length of time you would like to offer your staff, it can be as little as 10 minutes up to 30 minutes per person.

Please note that all massage treatments conducted by us requires individuals to remain fully clothed.  No massage oil is used during the massage process.

Brett is a fully qualified Shiatsu Therapist with a Diploma in Shiatsu Oriental Therapies and has Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Corporate Massage Pricing

A minimum of 3 hours is required per booking.
3 hour booking $80 per hour
4 hour booking $75 per hour


Monday to Thursday from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm


To make a booking please contact Brett Bannon on 0407 365 474  or email him at

Healing with Energy looks forward to servicing the health and well-being of your staff.

Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage